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Drug and Alcohol Policy September 2016
IAME RL 11.4 Parilla LEOPARD RL 125cc Specifications V2
AIDKA Leopard RL Homologated Drawings
rotax 11.5 BOMBARDIER ROTAX FR125 MAX Specifications V1
fireball 11.6 PRD Fireball 125CC Specifications V1
X30 11.7 IAME Parilla X30 125cc Specifications V1
AIDKA IAME X30 Homologation Papers
galaxy 11.7 PRD Galaxy 125 Specifications V1 AIDKA PRD Galaxy Homologation Drawings V1

RULE 11.4.1 – Displacement: 123.67cm, Stroke 54.00mm.  Maximum IAME piston 54.30

APPENDIX A (6) – AIDKA Executive in conjunction with the host club, to determine alternative date(s) should the event be un-concluded.

RATIONALE – This was voted on by club delegates at the November Council Meeting (in light of the rain out at 2016 Australian Title).  As this occured so late in the year, it did not make it to the printers in time with all other rule changes from the August Rule Change Meeting.

RULE 13.1 –  ECE-2204 and ECE-2205 Helmets  can be used in AIDKA  sanctioned events.

RATIONALE - That legislation has been changed allowing the legal sale of ECE22.05 helmets in Australia, the Helmets do not require an Australian standard sticker.

APPENDIX B – ADD 1A) Digitron FT-64 series fuel testing kit is an official preliminary fuel testing to method to be used by AIDKA.

 Rule Amendments 2016Omitted from the 2016 book9.2 Before racing commences there shall be an Ambulance in attendance or alternative State First Aid Service available. In the absence of an Ambulance or alternative State First Aid Service, Clubs may commence racing with a minimum of two (2) qualified persons trained in First Aid in attendance who shall manage and reassure a patient (diagnosis is not authorised). A First Aid Kit will be provided by the Club. Clubs are encouraged to seek advice from respective State First Aid Services for assistance in providing adequate First Aid equipment.9.2.1 It is compulsory for St John’s or alternative State first aid unit or ambulance to be present before racing commences at all AIDKA sanctioned Blue Ribbon Events and Title events. In the event that the St John’s ambulance is called away for an emergency, racing may continue on proviso that 2 senior first aiders and AIDKA approved minimum standard of 1st Aid equipment and 1st aid room are available. These first aiders may only provide first aid and not perform any other duties at the meeting.Rule Amendments11.3.5 (f) – DELETED (27/10/16)

Rear number plates shall be flexible material with a flat surface that is a minimum of 200mm square, to carry numbers which must be a minimum of 145mm high and a minimum of 20mm thick and be a plain or italic font.  The numbers must be a minimum of 10mm from the edge of the plate or flexible material and a 10mm gap between double or triple digit numbers.  Front numbers to have a minimum of a 20mm background, 145mm high and a minimum of 20mm thick and be plain or italic font.  A letter must be run on a state plate showing the state of origin minimum of 100mm high.

Allow the use of the following Rotax EVO 125 Parts.  Piston, Conrod, Exhaust Expansion.  The tech committee may review the list of components and add components if required.

Appendix “B”

3a. Method (for competitors using Powerplus 98+)
a) Set Digatron Meter to .000 in a sample of fresh Powerplus 98+.
b) Conduct test on competitor’s fuel either in the fuel tank or on a sample removed from the fuel tank.
c) Should the first test fail, a second test to be conducted on a sample removed from the competitor’s fuel tank. The temperature of the zero sample and the competitor’s sample to be adjusted so that the temperature difference between the two does not exceed 3 degree Celsius.
d) If the results from the second test from the Digatron DT15 AND OR DT47FT Series Meter be less than zero or greater than +40 units then it will require a sample to be taken for laboratory analysis.


1 Definitions
2 A.I.D.K.A. Rules of Racing and Constitution
3 Rule Changes & Supplementary Rules And Regulations
4 Interpretation, Spirit and Intent
5 5.1 Licences/Log Books 5.2 Driver Licence 5.3 Non drivers Licence 5.4 Junior & Rookies 5.5 Probationary Driver 5.6 Casual Passes 5.7 Log Books
6 6.1 Administration Fee 6.2 General

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