Australian Independent Dirt Kart Association

KT 100 S clarification

Question: Can you anodise a KT 100 S cylinder head?  The clarification from the  AIDKA Technical committee is: Anodised cylinder heads are NOT allowed on KT 100 S engines.  Effective: 1st May 2019   Clarification of Rule: 11.3.1 KT 100 S specifications, Single KT 100S Piston Port Engine only as manufactured by Yamaha with standard external appearance( no...

Midget Exhaust

The Technical committee has advised the following: Midget Exhaust spark arrestor material is a non tech item. So, there is no issue if this material comes out as it has a habit of doing so. Eff: 1st March 2019

Approved font for kart numbers

Please click on the links below for the three approved styles. We have also included the Italic version of the three fonts. aidka numbers 2019   aidka numbers 2019 itallic...

2019 Race Calendar

Please click on link to view the 2019 Race Calendar (Effective 23/09/2019) 2019 Calendar Sept 23rd

Member Protection Policy

You can now access AIDKA’s member protection policy by viewing this file here: AIDKA MPP Final 18 August 17

Police Checks and Member Protection Policy

As you would all be aware by now, AIDKA has very nearly completed its Member Protection Policy (MPP). Part of our requirements in this policy is to have people with key positions within each club to have a Police clearance (or equivalent) as was mentioned in the last Council meeting Minutes. Club President, Club Secretary, Club Licence Secretary, Club...