Australian Independent Dirt Kart Association

Track Operation Manual

Please find attached updated Track Operation Manual (“TOM”). It is IMPORTANT that clubs familiarise themselves with the content. AIDKA Track Operation Manual Nov 2017

Rule Change 11.4.1 Maximum Piston Size

PLEASE NOTE BELOW CHANGE TO RULE 11.4.1 Displacement: 123.67cm, Stroke 54.00mm. Maximum IAME Piston 54.30

Member Protection Policy

You can now access AIDKA’s member protection policy by viewing this file here: AIDKA MPP Final 18 August 17

Rule Change 15.4.6 (Midgets)

Please make sure you pass this on to your club scrutineers. Midgets are exempt from Rule 15.4.6 as the karts are manufactured in a way that steering stops are not able to be used or aluminium angle used on the Tie Rod ends. However a piece of (round) rubber is to be fitted (cable tied or glued ) on the Bottom of the steering shaft  so there is no metal to metal...

Police Checks and Member Protection Policy

As you would all be aware by now, AIDKA has very nearly completed its Member Protection Policy (MPP). Part of our requirements in this policy is to have people with key positions within each club to have a Police clearance (or equivalent) as was mentioned in the last Council meeting Minutes. Club President, Club Secretary, Club Licence Secretary, Club...

Changes to Carby for PRD Galaxy

Regarding the Galaxy carby, the Ibea will no longer be supplied with the engine, the substitute from now on will be a Tillotson HW 30A. Both carbies are acceptable for use in AIDKA competition effective immediately. PRD Galaxy Homologation...