Australian Independent Dirt Kart Association

How to apply/renew your AIDKA licence:

Our licencing process is now live!

If you do NOT have an existing AIDKA licence, please click this link.

If you are RENEWING your AIDKA licence, please click this link instead.

If you are UPGRADING your AIDKA licence (eg Pit Crew to Driver, or Junior to Senior etc), please click this link instead.

If you are applying for a SINGLE EVENT LICENCE, please click this link.



  • PLEASE CONTACT CLUB PRIOR TO APPLYING FOR THE SINGLE EVENT LICENCE TO ENSURE THEY WILL ACCEPT YOU AS AN APPLICANT AND ARE ALSO ACCEPTING SINGLE EVENT LICENCES AT THEIR EVENT.  If accepted then you must nominate as per club rules and pay nomination fee – Click on links above to apply for SEL licence and then to nominate at race meeting.
  • Single Event licences can be used for multiple classes at the discretion of the club.  They may not be running the class you request.  Please be aware that clubs generally charge per class, you are nominating with.
  • Drivers cannot apply for a Single Event ‘A-Grade’ Licence.
  • Single event licences can be used at an AIDKA sanctioned event providing the club is accepting them, you do not need to pay club membership as this is included in the Single Event Licence application.  SENIORS/JUNIORS $50.  ROOKIES/MIDGETS $25.
  • A maximum of two (2) single event licences may be purchased during one race season.
  • A Single event licence CANNOT be used at a Title event.
  • A Single event licence will not count towards probationary signatures.
  • A Single event licence is NON REFUNDABLE & NON TRANSFERABLE, unless the event is rained out.
  • Once you have applied for a Full Driver’s licence you are unable to purchase a Single event licence.
  • All applications must be made via the link above
  • You must provide proof of ID, Single event licence application and Form for clubs to use as temporary log book.