Australian Independent Dirt Kart Association


AIDKA Licence applications and renewals are done online.

Licence Redirection

or via the AIDKA App if you are an existing AIDKA member.

2024 Licence prices

Senior Drivers Licence                                                    $320.00

Junior Drivers Licence   (As per Rule 6.4)                   $210.00


**Restricted Drivers Licence:                                Senior  $160.00

                                                                                     Junior   $105.00

**These can only be issued to race from 1st September for a maximum of 6 race meetings. Holders of Restricted Licences are ineligible to race at any State, Territory or National Titles.                                                                                     


Senior Official Licence                                                                     $ 80.00

Single Event Licence (see Rule 6.7)       Junior/Senior                $ 50.00

                                                                     Midgets/Rookies            $ 25.00

Pit Crew                                                                                                $ 80.00

Casual Passes (Now available online via App)                             $ 10.00

Novice Driver Pass (Now available online via App)                  $ 20.00