Australian Independent Dirt Kart Association

X30 Ignition update

1. IAME SPA Selettra Digital-K Ignition System – Key type Ignition, or PVL 690/ Selettra Digital S Ignition may be used

2. The woodruff ignition rotor key must be retained and may not be modified.

3. Spark plug cap must incorporate a minimum of a 5kohm resister.

4. The only Selettra Key type ignition module to be used is the green module marked with AKA20L.

5. The only IAME ignition module to be used is the blue module marked with AKA20L as per homologation

6. In the event of required repairs the plastic fittings registered and homologated as parts of the electrical systems are permitted to be replaced with non-supplied fittings.

7. All stator mounting hardware must be as per OEM.

13th August 2021