Australian Independent Dirt Kart Association



May 12, 2024

LETS TALK ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA AGAIN! We have received complaints about intimidation, bullying and generally unacceptable behavior via social media in OUR SPORT. This must stop as of NOW.

Again, we are taking this opportunity to remind ALL AIDKA LICENCE HOLDERS that AIDKA do have a Code of Conduct and Social Media Policy (which is in the 2024 AIDKA Rule Book). Familiarise YOURSELF with the Code of Conduct and Social Media Policy.

Penalties can be and have been imposed (including licence suspensions) for any person deemed to be in breach.

Members need to think about what they type/post, and the potential impacts on other people before hitting send. Sometimes what you think is a funny off the cuff comment can be damaging.

Parents/Guardians of AIDKA members under 18, please have the conversation with them regarding what IS and IS NOT acceptable as well as the potential ramifications of their comments/posts. Some discussion topics are listed below. These have been shared before, however are great discussion starting points.

** Be nice. Mean behaviour is not OK. Make it clear that you expect your kids to treat others with respect, and to never post hurtful or embarrassing messages. And ask them to always tell you about any harassing or bullying messages that others post.

** Think twice before hitting “enter.” Remind them that what they post can be used against them. Once they hit enter their comments cannot be taken back.

** Follow the “WWGS?” (What Would Grandma Say?) rule. Teach kids not to share anything on social media that they wouldn’t want their teachers, parents, AIDKA Executive — and yes, grandma — to see.

** Use privacy settings. Privacy settings are important. Go through them together to make sure your kids understand each one. Also, explain that passwords are there to protect them against things like identity theft. They should never share them with anyone, even a boyfriend, girlfriend, or best friend.

** Don’t “friend” strangers. “If you don’t know them, don’t friend them.” This is a plain, simple — and safe — rule of thumb.

** Defriend “friends” who are harassing or bullying them. Encourage your kids to leave chats, groups or defriend people who make them feel uncomfortable or upset. Or if they feel they are being harassed or bullied.

Some great information and help can be found at