Australian Independent Dirt Kart Association

** Helmet requirements **

Please be reminded of what AIDKA helmet requirements are.

It is the Driver/Parent/Guardian’s responsibility to make sure the helmet complies with our rules.


a) Must be in sound condition, fitted and worn as per the manufacturer’s instructions

b) Must have a date of manufacture, maximum age less than 10 years from this date

c) Must be Full Face, and bear a label indicating they comply with one of the following standards:

(i) AS/NZS 1698

(ii) ECE 22.05

(iii) Snell SA2010, SAH2010, SA2015, M2010, M2015, K2010, K2015

(iv) Snell-FIA CMR2007, CMS2007, CMR2016, CMS2016

(v) SFI 24.1, 31.1, 31.1A, 32.2A

(vi) FIA-8860, FIA-8859

d) Must be fitted with either a shatterproof visor as supplied by the manufacturer or googles. Tear-offs, Roll-ons or similar must be used to maintain good vision, and must have a device to retain them to the helmet when used (i.e. rubber grommet or zip-tie) Visors must be closed whilst the kart is under power within the race arena.

e) Cameras are not permitted to be mounted on helmets.

f) Must be scrutineered, with an AIDKA approval decal applied, and details recorded into the user’s logbook before used

For helmets that comply with UN ECE 22.05, the helmet must bear a label displaying an international approval mark. Look for a label sewn into the retention system of the helmet. The mark is in a form of a circle surrounding the letter ‘E’, followed by the distinguishing number of the country in which the testing and certification was approved.  The number on the right of the ‘E’, therefore, may vary from one model of helmet to another (e.g. 2=France, 3=Italy).

The mark must also have information concerning the actual standard with which it applies (i.e. 05 is the ECE 22.05 standard and is followed by the approval number issued in the respective country), the type of helmet (i.e. P is ‘protective’ and J signifies ‘Jet’ style open face approval) and its production serial number.

See Rule Book for example….