Australian Independent Dirt Kart Association

Clarification on Title Nomination & Qualification Criteria

Clarification on Title Nomination & Qualification Criteria

Feb 25, 2024

Appendix A Rules 1 & 2 of the AIDKA Rule Book sets out the qualification criteria for Titles.

Please ensure that BEFORE nominating a driver for a title event that the driver meets the qualification criteria and that you take the time to ensure that the nomination contains the correct version of logbook to show qualification. This may mean attaching copies of both the current year, and the previous year’s logbook.

When the nomination is submitted it is reviewed by the AIDKA Secretary. The nomination will sit as “PENDING” until this is done.

Once reviewed and it is confirmed that that driver meets the qualification criteria the nomination is ACCEPTED. It will no longer state “PENDING” next to the driver’s name. 

However if the nomination is reviewed and it is deemed that the qualification criteria HAS NOT been meet, or proven, the licence holder will receive an email via the App advising of this.  The nomination will then be “WITHHELD” & will not be visible on the nom listing until proof of qualification is received. PLEASE NOTE this means the drivers nomination position in the Class Entries WILL NOT be held. In the case where nominations are capped it is only the first genuine and correct nominations received will be accepted.

Once qualification is proven then the nomination will be accepted and returned to the Class Entry listing.

If qualification is not met/proven by the close of noms for this event OR the class reaches capacity, a refund will be issued in line with App A Rule 2 Refund Policy.