Australian Independent Dirt Kart Association

5.7 Log Books

5.7.1 All Licence Holders will be issued with a Log Book when they
receive their Licence.
5.7.2 The Nominating Secretary or person in charge of accepting
nomination money shall sign the Log Book. This person will also
fill in the current date, hosting Club and Class (es) in which the
Driver has nominated. In the case of pit crew/official, date, club
‘PC’ or ‘Off’ and signature will be entered.
5.7.3  Drivers shall hand the Log Book to the Scrutineer before practising
or racing at a race meeting. If no faults are found the Scrutineer will
note “N.F.F.” in the Comments/Section and sign the Log Book. If
the kart is safe but does not comply with all A.I.D.K.A. Rules of
Racing, the offending Rules of Racing are written in the Comments/
Section and the Log Book is signed. This is so the Scrutineer at
the next meeting may ensure prior faults are fixed.
5.7.4 A go-kart which is judged to be unsafe by the Scrutineer shall not
be driven until the go-kart is considered safe by the Scrutineer.
5.7.5 All points and penalties shall be shown in the Log Book and
entered on the Lap Scorers Sheets.