Australian Independent Dirt Kart Association

5.6 Casual Passes

5.6.1  A Casual licence holder must be a member of an A.I.D.K.A.
Affiliated Club, complete an Official Registration Form on the day
and pay the appropriate fee as set by A.I.D.K.A. before being
permitted to drive after a meeting under the strict supervision of
Track Officials.
5.6.2 Casual pass Registration Forms shall be forwarded to Secretary of
A.I.D.K.A. within two (2) working days following the completion of
an Event.
5.6.3 The Casual Licence may be used as a Licence to allow entry of
unlicensed people into the pits.
5.6.4 Insurance Policies only cover members of Affiliated A.I.D.K.A.
Clubs. Ambulance Insurance cover is an A.I.D.K.A. requirement
5.6.5  In the event of an applicant suffering from a medical condition
which may affect the applicant’s control of a kart, the applicant shall
furnish a Medical Certificate, issued not more than thirty (30) days
previously, reporting on their physical condition. This Certificate
may cover eyesight test, colour blindness test and any other
condition which may impair a Driver’s ability to drive safely.
Certificate must be presented to the A.I.D.K.A. Secretary.