Australian Independent Dirt Kart Association

5.4 Junior & Rookies

5.4.1 Junior and Rookie Drivers are defined as being seven years of age
and up to fifteen (15) years of age. At the age 14 the driver may
elect to become a senior driver or continue as a junior driver for the
remainder of the licence year or until their 15th birthday, once 15
years old they must go into a senior field. Once electing to become
a senior driver, he/she must upgrade their licence to a senior driver
and by doing so will no longer be eligible to participate in junior
events. They must hold a Senior Probationary Licence before
participating in any senior field.
5.4.2 Juniors and Rookies as defined in these Rules of Racing may not
compete in Senior Events.
5.4.3 No person under the age of eight (8) years shall participate in
competitive Events. Drivers under eight (8) years shall have the
emphasis on education and skills.
5.4.4 All Junior Drivers are to start driving in Rookie Class with parental
and individual Club consent. A Rookie may elect to compete in the
Junior Class after one (1) meeting where they will be required to do
three (3) meetings Rear of Field (R.O.F) as a probationary driver.
5.4.5 Restrictor Plates for Rookies must be approved and supplied by
A.I.D.K.A. and be suitably stamped for identification ā€œA.I.D.K.A.ā€.
The Restrictor Plate must be 13mm maximum (all gases must pass
through plate) with no modifications and returned when no longer
required. A fee as defined in Appendix ā€œEā€ shall apply.