Australian Independent Dirt Kart Association

2: Rules of racing and constitution

2.1 The A.I.D.K.A. Rules of Racing shall be available to all members of the Association.
2.2 Updates to the Rules of Racing concerning safety may be made
from time to time without re-issue of the Rules of Racing. All Drivers
shall race under the updated official Rules of Racing and
Constitution, a copy of which will be held by the Secretary of each
affiliated Club.
2.3 Rules of Racing made or updated at A.I.D.K.A. meetings, will be
enforced and adhered to once the official Rules of Racing and
Constitution have been updated.
2.4 It is a Licence holder’s responsibility to make themselves fully
acquainted with the official Rules of Racing and Constitution.
2.5 It is the A.I.D.K.A. Affiliated Clubs responsibility to abide by the
Rules of Racing and Constitution. Failure to do so may result in the
suspension or expulsion of that affiliated Club.
2.6 Drivers racing at a suspended or expelled Club do so at their own
risk and in no way are they covered by any A.I.D.K.A. Insurances.
2.7 Suspended or expelled members are not permitted to participate at
any A.I.D.K.A. Affiliated Club.