Australian Independent Dirt Kart Association

Rule Update 7.17.1

Rule Update 7.17.1

Sep 16, 2014

AIDKA have recently updated the rule 7.17.1

Please be aware that anyone who is taken to hospital or advised to go to hospital must produce medical clearance before they can race again.


7.17          Any driver who as a result of a rollover or potentially serious injury (RED Flag/RACE stoppage) shall not be able to compete in any restart of that race, nor shall they be able to compete in any other immediate class of racing, until they have been cleared by St John or State Ambulance Service or have been observed for a minimum of 30 minutes by First Aid personnel to not have any residual effects of rollover or injury. Any person refusing assessment by First Aid personnel will be excluded from further participation in the race meeting and will be required to provide A.I.D.K.A Secretary with a medical clearance from a recognised medical practitioner to confirm the person is fit to compete in motor sport. Any person, who as a result of a rollover or potentially serious injury (Red Flag/Race Stoppage), will not receive any points for that heat.

7.17.1       Any driver that is suspected of any loss of Conscious State or serious injury that has been taken to hospital will take no further part of that meeting or any other AIDKA race meetings until checked out by a Medical Practitioner and medical certificate produced to the AIDKA Secretary. (Entry to be made into Log Book).Medical certificate must contain the words “fit to compete in motor sport”.