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Weekend Updates 12/13 July

Weekend Updates 12/13 July

Jul 12, 2014

Angas – “The track is very wet on the surface but firm underneath.  We have moved a lot of the water from the surface where it has been laying.  Trev Michelmore is prepared to cut the track in the morning and give us a track to race on.  It may not be the best track but hopefully good enough.  We are all keen to go racing but any rain overnight may ruin our chances

York Peninsula has been cancelled due to the weather. They held off until Friday to see if the sun would dry out the track but as at 4.30pm Friday they have had more rain and forecast for more Saturday morning it has been decided to cancel. Sorry for any inconvenience. We will try and re-schedule this meeting later in the year.

Port Pirie have turned their race meeting scheduled this Sunday into an Education/Practice Day.  Practice starts at 9 and a BBQ lunch and drinks will be available