Australian Independent Dirt Kart Association

5.5 Probationary Driver

5.5.1 A Probationary Driver is a Driver who has not held an A.I.D.K.A. drivers
licence for the past two (2) years. A.I.D.K.A. Affiliated Club Officials may
from time to time determine a Driver to be a Probationary Driver and
issue that Driver with a Probationary Licence.
5.5.2 A Probationary Driver will have to complete at least three (3)
meetings at the Rear of Field (R.O.F.) Stewards can endorse their
licence at the end of the meeting before a full licence can be
issued. If at the end of 3 meetings the stewards are not satisfied to
the ability of the Driver to compete in the draw, then the stewards
may ask the probationary driver to compete in additional meetings
rear of field (ROF).
To constitute a completed race meeting for the purpose of signing
log books a minimum of (3) heats must have been completed for
one class only.
5.5.3 While a Probationary Driver, the Driver shall display a “P-Plate” at
the rear of the kart.
5.5.4 Log books are to be handed to the chief steward at the Drivers
briefing and returned to Drivers appropriately endorsed at the end
of the race meeting.