Australian Independent Dirt Kart Association


5.1 A.I.D.K.A Club Affiliation fee shall be received by the A.I.D.K.A
Treasurer from the Affiliated Club prior to any licences being issued
to their members.
5.1.1 All persons applying for an A.I.D.K.A licence shall be a member of
an A.I.D.K.A Affiliated Club.
5.1.2 Application for a licence to drive at an A.I.D.K.A Affiliated track, a
licence for an Official or a licence for Pit Crew shall be made on the
official A.I.D.K.A form under the terms and conditions as set out
there on.
5.1.3 Any person, on accepting an A.I.D.K.A. licence (the licence holder),
shall comply with all the rules and regulations of A.I.D.K.A. and be
responsible for any infringements of them.
All licence holders shall receive a log / rule book.
5.1.4 If a licence holder inadvertently destroys or loses their licence or
log book they must immediately notify their club secretary, pay the
appropriate fee to AIDKA (as per appendix E) and apply for a
reissue. Log book to be stamped or noted replacement, and any
penalties already imposed entered before reissued by AIDKA.
5.1.5 A.I.D.K.A. may refuse to issue a Licence without giving any reason
for such refusal.
5.1.6 No person is authorised to compete or participate unlicensed.
5.1.7 The holder of an A.I.D.K.A. Licence shall produce and/or surrender
their Licence when requested by an Affiliated Club or A.I.D.K.A.
Official at an A.I.D.K.A. sanctioned Event or individual Affiliated
Club Committee and/or A.I.D.K.A. Committee.
5.1.8 All persons applying for an A.I.D.K.A. Licence must declare their
Date of Birth for identification purposes.
5.1.9 A.I.D.K.A. licences may only be used at A.I.D.K.A. Affiliated clubs/
tracks unless prior approval has been provided by A.I.D.K.A.

SUSPENDED MEMBERS If an affiliated club suspends a member, \
that member must surrender their A.I.D.K.A licence to the
individual club which will be returned to the AIDKA secretary to
be held until the period of clubs secretary who will contact AIDKA
secretary once suspension is over for return of licence.